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Travelling Tips from the pros!!

We are all travelling from time to time. For those who are travelling to race or train away from home, there are a lot of things to consider and think about when you leave. The comfort of home is hard to carry with you, but here’s a couple of tricks to help you travel with ease!

1- Do hot hesitate to bring sutff that you really want or need that makes you feel good (Small guitar/coffee machine/books/Teamaker+Tea). A solid aluminium French Press is an easy option for coffee or tea. 

2- Find rides using Google map for bikes, or Strava or Garmin Connect BEFORE getting there. It's hard to have a better internet connection than the one at home ;). Especially in Europe.

3- Use Yelp, Zomato or Tripadvisor for restaurants. 

4- Travel with a spoon/fork/knife, a swiss knife and a collapsible bowl. A Tupperware, a couple of ziploc bags. Salt/Pepper/Cinnamon and Maple syrup can make "any muthafuckin' thing taste good". A bigger, better knife is always a cool thing to have if you like to cook and plan on cooking during your travels. I personally like these knifes.

5- Always bring running shoes/elastic bands/ mini bands/ and basic riding gear in your carry on. 

6- Travel with a headlamp. You never know when you are going to need it.

7- Travel with a portable alarm clock, that way you don’t have to sleep next to your phone

8- Overnight Oatmeal is a great carry on breakfast or snack.

9 - Make sure you hydrate properly before, during and after the flight. Water onboard is proven to contain a lot more bacteria than water from outside the plane, except if it's bottled water. . Bring your own water. 

10- If it’s possible, move before and after the flight to activate circulation and recovery. (Yoga/Walk/Dynamic stretch, light jogging, easy spin, etc.) 

11- Bring laundry soap pods. Sometimes it’s hard to find soap that will “smell like home”. Again, especially in Europe.

12- Bring a reusable Mug for Tea or Coffee. You can always get hot water in the hotel rooms + Hotel room lobby.

13 -Bring Earplugs and a registration to HeadSpace to help you relax.

14- Co2 Cartridges can easily fly. If you put them in your pharmacy bag. Not in your bike bag. Thank me later.

15- Always carry Clif Bars, Bring oatmeal, Ramen noodles which only need hot water, Protein Powder and protein bars as well, in case you get sick. Always bring minimum pill/pharmacy gear. Should include advils/immodium/plasters/tiny bottle of peroxide, Neosporin,etc.

16- Castille Soap will work to clean clothes, body, dishes, bottles, etc. It’s a great friend when you travel.

17- If you have room, or travel by car, you can travel with a Hot Plate and a rice cooker. It’s impressive all the meals you can cook with those two items in a hotel room.


Tips from DG Endurance Athletes and Friends!

Adam Roberge- Eternal junior, student and up and pro cyclist @ Silber Pro Cycling. 2015  Canadian National junior champion

Always bring some sort of music device- with earphones. You never know when you’lll want to hype yourself, tune it, or tune out with music. Always bring snacks, that way you are certain you wont be eating junk. Nuts/bars/dried fruits are all packed with good stuff and easy to carry. Get one of those www.travelroller.com. You can stuff it with your elastic bands that we talked about a little earlier. Super reliable, easy to pack, fits in a carry-on. A water bottle is a must.

Jules Gorham Mother, successful business women and pretty damn good triathlete – Betty Designs.

If you have a coach, make sure you advise him as precisely as possible of your travel plans! I always use internet at home to fin good restaurants and fresh markets, that way I’m confident I can eat good food away from home. I carry my yoga mat and always 2 new pairs of socks, because nothing makes you feel comfortable like new socks!  

Maghalie Rochette- Cook, woodworker, CXFEVER instigator & Pro MTB and CX rider with Clif Pro team. 2016 Senior Elite CX National Champ. 

J’aime bien de préparer un repas pour l’avion afin d’éviter de toujours manger dans les restaurants d’aéroport. La plupart du temps, je m’assure de mettre mon repas dans un plat “tupperware” qui se visse pour éviter les dégâts. En bonus, cela nous permet d’avoir un plat/bol pour se préparer un lunch ou récupérer les restants d’un souper au restaurant pour le restant du voyage. 

Peu importe où je vais, je traine toujours un livre avec moi. On ne sait jamais quand on sera coincé au site de course (ou à l’aéroport, etc.) durant des heures après avoir fait la reconnaissance du parcours. Bien que c’est plaisant de parler aux gens et de se promener, c’est toujours plus relaxant de s’installer dans un coin et de lire en attendant que ses coéquipiers soient prêt à partir! 

Je voyage toujours avec mes souliers de courses, mes souliers de vélo, mon casque et un kit pour rouler dans mon sac à dos ou mon “carry on”. De cette façon, je suis certaine de pouvoir bouger une fois rendue à destination. À mon avis, il vaut mieux ne pas laisser son sort entre les mains de la compagnie aérienne… 

Joelle Numainville-  Olympian, Master’s degree Finance student & Pro road cyclist with Cylance Pro Cycling

If you’re confident you can't find good coffee where you are going, make sure you bring coffee. I also carry a drawing book, as it helps me stay calm.

Charles Mathys – Father, PowerWatts coach, Phys. Ed. teacher and Head Coach Cycle-Max BMX Racing.

Make a checklist that you can go back to everytime you travel. Keep it in your Ipod/Iphone/Ipad/Ibrain.

Bring clothes that are easy to wash/dry in the bathtub or sink. Bring a swiss knife and a nylon cord. That way you can hang clothes or use the rope for plyometrics or whatever else that needs to be roped!

Jeremy Martin  2016 Senior Elite CX national champ. Cinnamon Lover. Eternal Student and Pro CX/MTB Racer. Focus Bikes.

Always keep good eating habits while travelling. Drink lots of water and try to always have access to good quality food/snacks.

Use you time on the plane. Try to sleep/recover if you're not able to get some work/emails/planning/homework done. That way, you're not 'completely' losing a day and you can focus on the important stuff when you get to destination.

Earplugs! Sleep quality is super important for athletes and recovery during training camps/race weekend is crucial. You never know where or with who you'll be rooming. You might end up staying in a hotel right by a busy highway!

Rejean Rochette- World Traveller, business owner, Senior Vice President at WebMd and Life long cycling addict. Rej is in the sky over 100 days (Yep, thats 2 days/week...) a year for working, racing and training, he knows a thing or two about travelling.

Shit will happen: plane will be late, cancelled, rerouted, luggage will not make it, etc. So deal with it and dont lose your energy by being stress. Nothing you can do but roll with the punches. Focus on what you control: how you deal with the situation. 

Prepare your luggage two days before, not the night before. It allows you to relax the night before you leave. 

If it a long flight, it is worth paying extra to get the exit or a better seat.

Never reserve the bulk head (you cant put your stuff in front of you, and that may be a pain); never take the seat if front of the exit row, the seat doesn’t recline.

Charge your stuff before you leave!!! If everything is delayed, or the lay over is longer, you want your computer and phone totally charged! 

If you like movies, download them the week before leaving so you have them ready (instead of the night before)

Marco Daigle- Full Time worker and part time pretty good pro racer (In French mon ami!) Garneau MTB

“La Chanson à Marco : Sous un air joyeux en chantant pour être sur de rien oublier : Tu pars du bas : Des souliers / des bas/ des jambes/un bib /un maillot / un manteau / des manchettes/ des gants / et un Chapeau et les lunettes :)”

On top of all that, when things get overwhelming when you’re travelling, remember this one thing- Breathe & Enjoy. The perfect situation is the on you are in at that moment. Stay adaptable and resilient. You got this shit.

Big thanks to everyone who participated.